Growing Up Online

Posted on: January 19, 2009

facebook11. In what ways would you need to change your routine in order to disconnect yourself from all media (i.e. no TV, no Internet, etc.) What problems would you encounter if you unplugged for one day? One week? One month?
I would need to work harder and spend more time studying because I would not be able to use computer or other electric resources for homework and researches, which means the work will take longer time. Also, there will be more excercising time because I will not be spending my free time in front of computer or TVs. Instead, I will be riding bicycles, dancing or hanging out with friends. I would not have much problem if I unplugged all media for one day; in fact I often spend a whole day without using TV or internet. If I don’t use them for a week, I might be slow on some of the recent news unless I read newspapers. Unplugging for one month would be disasterous especially if I have any kind of project during the time. I would not be able to research internet and communicate with my group members to discuss our project. I will be out of date with all the new exciting things and TV programs that my peers are chatting about. I would not be able to email with my sister who lives in America for a long time unless I write a letter by hand. Basically, I would not be able to belong in the whole community that I’m supposed to be communicating with and I will be isolated from my friends. Also, I will be bored unless I go out to hang out with people, because there will be nothing to do at home except reading.

2. How many hours per week do you estimate you spend on Facebook or similar personal networking sites? What are the benefits and disadvantages of using these sites?
I spend about three hours on personal networking sites per week. The benefits of using these sites are that I get to communicate with people that I live far away. I can check what their lives are like by looking at the pictures and notes that they put on their personal pages. Also, I can create my own space that is all about me, which is not easy to do outside internet. The networking sites provide chances to express myself and store pictures, notes and videos that all become part of my memory.

3. To what extent are you aware of viral marketing, the use of “advertorials” (presenting advertisements as editorial content), or direct marketing on Facebook and other social networking sites?
There are flashes of advertisement on any social networking sites and sometimes things just pop up to make people click on them and see the products on screen. There are even occasions when advertisements are sent automatically through my friend’s email or messenger. I am well aware of viral marketing and advertorials, but the good part is that I don’t have much interest in them. I do not click on them unless the product is something that I had in mind. Usually I am annoyed by those advertisements rather then interested in them.
4. Personal response based on your individual viewing of “Growing Up Onlines”.
There were some parts of the video that I could relate to very well and other parts that I could not relate to myself or people around me. I could understand how teenagers feel like when parents try to check what they are doing online and force their children to open personal pages. I thought it would be terrible if my mom asked for passwords to log on to my facebook account. I know that parents are just worried that their children might be going through bad influence online, but asking for password is not the right solution, because those accounts are personal. Except for severe cases, most of the students know how to control themselves online and don’t easily get trapped in bad websites or relationships, so parents do not need to worry too much over these issues. The parts that I could not understand was the case about the boy who committed suicide. Why would anyone create those how-to-commit-suicide web pages and why would anyone access those sites? Don’t they know that there are some border lines that they are not supposed to cross? It is true that these webpages are easily accessible, but we can always avoid them if we don’t click on the links. After finishing the video, I wondered if it would have been better if internet was not created. I concluded no, it would not have been, because there are far too many benefits that we get from internet. It is true that young generation have some problems dealing with it, but that is the matter of HOW people use internet, not the internet itself.

Click on the image to watch "Growing Up Online"

Click on the image to watch "Growing Up Online"


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