Movie Review-Shin Gi Jeon

Posted on: August 29, 2008

On Monday, I got a chance to attend a movie preview for Shin Gi Jeon.

Shin Gi Jeon is a Korean movie. Although I generally do not enjoy Korean movies, this movie was interesting enough for me to enjoy.

※Spoiler warning!

To summarize the story very simply, the setting is Korea during the Chosun Dynasty. There is a woman named Hongri, whose dad was killed (trying to protect the secret method for making a special war weapon that he invented) during an invasion of Myung Nation . Hongri tries to create her dad’s invention and comes to ask  a man called Seolju for a help. Myung Nation keeps on investigating if Chosun had really invented a powerful weapon and tries to prevent Chosun from making a new weapon. Hongri and Seolju recruits a group for making the new weapon, and during the course of work, they fall in love. In the end, Hongri and Seolju succeeds in making a new weapon called Shin Gi Jeon and defeat Myung Nation in a war.

After watching the movie, I thought that this movie might spark people’s interest in the history of Korean weapons. Unlike the usual boring Korean movies which have old past as the settings, this movie attempted to put in humorous diaologues to prevent boredom.

Some defects of this movie  were obvious graphics, too much bloodshed and too much love story. There were many scenes which I could tell very easily that they were done by computer graphics. I wish the movie producers portrayed the scenes more realistically. Another problem was that there were way too much of bloodshed. About 60% of the movie was scenes of people killing each other, which was not pleasant to watch. Lastly, ther were too much love story with cheesy dialogues. This is supposed to be action movie, not a romantic one. I think the movie producers overdid with the love story between Hongri and Seolju.

If you are a person who likes action movies, I highly recommend you to watch this, but otherwise, it is not the best movie for you.


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