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On Monday, I got a chance to attend a movie preview for Shin Gi Jeon.

Shin Gi Jeon is a Korean movie. Although I generally do not enjoy Korean movies, this movie was interesting enough for me to enjoy.

※Spoiler warning!

To summarize the story very simply, the setting is Korea during the Chosun Dynasty. There is a woman named Hongri, whose dad was killed (trying to protect the secret method for making a special war weapon that he invented) during an invasion of Myung Nation . Hongri tries to create her dad’s invention and comes to ask  a man called Seolju for a help. Myung Nation keeps on investigating if Chosun had really invented a powerful weapon and tries to prevent Chosun from making a new weapon. Hongri and Seolju recruits a group for making the new weapon, and during the course of work, they fall in love. In the end, Hongri and Seolju succeeds in making a new weapon called Shin Gi Jeon and defeat Myung Nation in a war.

After watching the movie, I thought that this movie might spark people’s interest in the history of Korean weapons. Unlike the usual boring Korean movies which have old past as the settings, this movie attempted to put in humorous diaologues to prevent boredom.

Some defects of this movie  were obvious graphics, too much bloodshed and too much love story. There were many scenes which I could tell very easily that they were done by computer graphics. I wish the movie producers portrayed the scenes more realistically. Another problem was that there were way too much of bloodshed. About 60% of the movie was scenes of people killing each other, which was not pleasant to watch. Lastly, ther were too much love story with cheesy dialogues. This is supposed to be action movie, not a romantic one. I think the movie producers overdid with the love story between Hongri and Seolju.

If you are a person who likes action movies, I highly recommend you to watch this, but otherwise, it is not the best movie for you.

Tablo and Dreaming Radio

Tablo and Dreaming Radio: This is one of my favorite radio shows. It is largely consisted of various genres of music. The DJ, Tablo, has great sense of humor and has passion for music

It was about an year ago that I first turned on radio to actually listen. I had thought that nobody would listen to radios these days because TVs and internets are available 24/7. But I was bored one night and turned on the radio to see if there is anything interesting going on. To my surprise, there were so many channels presenting popular music and famous singers as DJs. More interesting thing was that many people were participating in the radio shows by sending text messages.

From this night on, I became a fan of radio shows. I would lie down in my bed after a long day of work. I would turn on the radio, set automatic-turn-off timer to 30 minutes and listen. There were no more bed time stories of my dad, but now I have bed time radio to listen to before I fall asleep.

There are many reasons why I love radio shows. There is opportunity for me to get to know new songs, and listen to other people’s life stories. It is really consoling that there are people who goes through hardships like me; I am not the only one who is stressed out. Sometime radio DJs read a very good passages from books which I write down in my little diary.

Not a lot of people listen to radios around me, but I think they are going to love radio shows once they try listening to.

I think I’m going to continue listening to radio shows until I’m old. 🙂

After reading New York Times’s article about children having access to electric devices at a young age, I thought about the influences this will have on future society.

What would the people who had been using electric devices like computers, TV games, cell phones and mp3s since they were babies be like? I can’t imagine them specifically, but one thing I’m sure is that they would not be able to do their own work with their own hands. They would always need machines to do the work.

I know that using machines since young age has some benefits. It could make a person time-efficient and ready to apply digital skills. However, I still think that children should not have much access to machinary. The article says that children could play with TV toys at the age of 3-5 and watch videos in youtube when they turn 6-9. Well, in my opinion, this is not a good plan at all. Children should go outside and explore and meet friends instead of staring at monitors. Being exposed to digital world will result in people who do not socialize with others very well and people who can’t distinguish the real world and computer world.

Despite some voiced concerns about gadgeted children, the world is moving fast to early-digital-access. I really hope that parents reconsider their decisions before they buy cell phones to their children.

When Lin Miaoke, right, opened her mouth to sing "Ode to the Motherland" during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, the voice that was actually heard was a recording of seven-year-old Yang Peiyi, left.

When Lin Miaoke, right, opened her mouth to sing "Ode to the Motherland" during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, the voice that was actually heard was a recording of seven-year-old Yang Peiyi, left.

As one of the audience of the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, I was excited and touched by the effort that the Chinese had put in for the performance. Yet, this excitement did not last long because I soon found out that there were several ‘fake’ components involved in the show. Lin Miaoke, the girl who appeared on the stage singing ‘Ode to the Motherland’ was not actually singing. The voice was from another girl named Yang Peiyi. As some people started to criticize the director of ceremony for this, he stated his thoughts in a Radio show.

“This is in the national interest. It is the image of our national music, national culture, especially during the entrance of our national flag. This is an extremely important, extremely serious matter.” (excerpted from The New York Times)

I understand that the whole Olympic Ceremony was a chance for China to appeal to the audience around the world their culture. Everything needed to look perfect and China had to look glorious. Yes, this is true, and many of the audience were impressed. Chinese seemed to have succeeded in their plan to glorify their nation; but this was before people knew that Lin did not sing the song.

Chinese seemed to have missed the initial purpose of the Olympics. Olympics indeed is a chance for the hosting country to appeal their culture to the world, but there is something far more important behind that. Olympics is a chance for everyone around the world to come together and participate. The atheletes are supposed to be judged on only their skills and not by how they look. To portray this meaningful purpose behind Olympics, the Chinese should have let Yang Peiyi stand on the stage and sing, or let Lin Miaoke sing with her own voice.

I can’t help thinking that Chinese had failed on making their national image better. Many people will relate the word ‘fake’ with China from now on.

It’s August already! Time flies!
Two months have passed since the start of my vacation and as always, I realized that I have not done much.
Another moment of regret.
I talk to myself, ‘It’s okay Sandra. You can start doing your stuffs right now.’
However, my words only last about an hour and I start to lose focus again. I thought that this is how life is for many people. Procrastination, regret, work, then procrastination again. We just can’t win the temptation to put off work loads.
Well, delaying is OK for some extent; but there is a point that we have to stop. If today is the day that will influence my future, I have to begin working right now. Everyone knows this very well, but sometimes we need some reinforcement.
So, here I am, reminding me that I have to stop this procrastination because I only have 9 days until school starts. (Oh, no!)
Remember, if you walk today, you have to run tomorrow.
Let’s start to finish up those summer assignments!


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