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Libraries usually have study rooms that provide quiet environment.

Libraries usually have study rooms that provide quiet environment.

It has been over three weeks after the summer vacation started, already! After I checked the calendar to realize this, the first question that came into my mind was ‘what have I done since the beginning of the vacation?’ My answer was ‘nothing much.’ I have been trying to concentrate on my SATs but I could never win the temptation to take a nap, eat, watch TV, play computer games and what not. So, this morning I thought that I needed to change my lifestyle if I want to achieve something over the summer break.

The decision I made and would like to STRONGLY suggest for those who have been trying to focus on their work is: going to the library. Yes, it sounds nerdy and boring…but you will realize that it really motivates you to study.

Once you get there, all you see around you are books and people who are studying. There are no TVs to distract you or anyone to chat with. You will find it very difficult to sleep on the desk without feeling that you are falling behind others when everyone around you is studying so hard. Not long after, you will find yourself focusing on your work just like people around you.

You might be thinking that it is ‘not right’ to go to library during summer vacation. However, I think that summer vacation is critical time of your life especially if you are a high school student preparing for college. Stop wasting your time and head for the nearest library from your house!


It’s summer vacation!
It’s time to have some fun and relax but not many of students in Korea look like enjoying their summer. 90% of high school students around me are attending hagwons or taking summer courses in the states. Well, it’s not a bad idea to study during summer but I think students really need some rest.
So, I would like to suggest three must-do vacation plans to make your summer meaningful and exciting.
1. Go on family trips
Vacation would be boring without any trips! You don’t have much time to spend time with your family during school days, so why don’t you go on a trip with them? Go take in some fresh air and splash water to relieve all your stress.
2. Play sports
You need some exercise during summer, especially if you sat in front of your desk over the whole school year. Stretching your muscles and running around in the sunlight will make your energy boost up!
3. Read books
This is your chance to read books for fun and not for your upcoming tests. Run to book store around your house and grab a book that interests you. Reading is excellent for having fun and gaining knowledge at the same time.

If you didn’t start on any of the three things above, start now!

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